About Us

Our Team

Michael Sorobey

Michael  has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has 29 years of experience  in senior management roles. He has grocery distribution, procurement and  transportation experience and was responsible for the operation of the most complex food distribution network in the world situated in northern Canada. He is excited to advise our team and hopes we can contribute to Northern Farming capabilities. 

Rebecca Beatty

Rebecca  has a degree in Biology and has a passion for small-scale farming and  anything that grows. Rebecca has worked in the Environmental Sector and  has been an entrepreneur since her early teens.  The last 4 years  Rebecca has grown an independent consulting business with Norwex,  educating people to remove harmful chemical from their homes. She leads a  team of over 130 people and has been in the top 3% of the company for  sales and team building. Rebecca is passionate about supporting local  economy, food security and feels that aeroponic farming is the most efficient method to grow food!

Kale Rempel 

Kale  too has been an entrepreneur from a young age. As a teenager he gained  valuable business management experience operating his own hauling  business and working in the construction industry. For the last 6 years,  Kale has operated a successful international business with high sales  volumes. He has extensive knowledge of cross-border transactions and  money management. 

Joel Alvestad

Joel  is at the beginning of his business career. He is a man of nature and  has operated his own guiding business with great success. Joel grew up  in the outdoors and wants to do everything he can to preserve the wild.  His business mission in the world of modern agriculture is to find a green, revolutionary, and efficient way of feeding the world in the future.